The Academy of Occult Arts

Welcome to The Vampire Eternity Coven Academy of Occult Arts

Here gathered from among the oldest of texts and most ancient teachings of the old magickal world will rise from the mystics are the ways of the ancients Magick, Esoteric Studies in the Dark Arts, Studies in Ritual Magick, The Philosophies of Magickal Paths, methods of Ritual and Natural Healing, and much, much more! 4 Mentors. many classes. Limitless Potential! Live interaction with the mentors. Final certificate of achievement!

It doesn’t matter what experience you have had in the past, what you harbor now, or to what achievement you seek to reach or gain. The overall purpose of this project is in helping others in their own personal development and to raise your level of the vibration of your energy beyond capacities that you could ever consider.

Interested persons may apply for the following:

Private Online Lesson(s) – (Will eventually be available through encrypted online website access only to be announced, but, initially lessons will be emailed to each student following their individual lesson of choice).

Lessons will be emailed to each student by the mentor for that specific lesson of choice and whose lesson they have purchased. Please see the current course offering.   –

In this interested person(s) to the Academy may apply to register and if accepted into the Academy, may then purchase a single course lesson of their choosing from one or more of our mentors.  Mentors/Instructors of their particular studies to review, ask questions, and to present their thoughts and the materials that they have worked on.

Countless paths. Countless paths to learning!

A one time enrollment fee of $550 equivalent is to be paid

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