Welcome to the Vampire Eternity Coven

Your code name is child of the dragon. Here is your membership certificate. You have to complete your membership so you can get your honored member certificate and be awakened and also get your reward.
Here is the list and price of the important items you have to purchase as a new member to complete your membership. This items are for your protection and identification and also for you to gain more knowledge about the hidden world’s. The list of items are

  1. vampire bible ( full version)
  2. vampire necklace
  3. vampire ring
  4. vampire vodka
  5. vampire Hindu materials.

All this items will cost you $310.00 This items will be shipped and delivered to you soon has the payment is made to the spell market. 

Congrats and welcome to the Vampire Eternity Coven.

To make payment checkout with Bitcoin

copy the address Below


Or scan the bar code below

What is Bitcoin?

If you still dont understand chat with us and we will guide you


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